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First Fridays Festivities-TONIGHT! + Places to see in the South End cause we're OPEN Sundays EVERY Week

on Fri, 11/04/2011 - 16:34

SoWa Vintage Market in Boston's South End OPEN  

the 1st Friday of every month for SoWa First Fridays!

That's tonight!  5-9pm.

460C Harrison Avenue, Boston


Plus, we're OPEN Sundays 10am-4pm EVERY week + you can park in our parking lot!

(set your gps to 365 Albany St to arrive directly in our lot).

What else can you do in the South End during your SoWa Vintage Market visit?

So much!

Here are some area businesses + restaurants that you can walk to from the market....just a're sure to find more special haunts in the South End: a truly charming enclave.

(check our Facebook page for more photos)

Thayer St: (our little walking Street that runs from Harrison Ave ==>Albany St (to us!)

Mohr + McPherson Cafe....... BEAD + Fiber......Gurari Gallery...

Bobby's From Boston:  A MUST SEE!  Bobby's is fabulous + a Boston institution + costumer to the stars ....and the rest of us too!

+ Galleries +  Art Studios 

Harrison Ave:

The Gaslight....a fabulous brasserie with the BEST Brunch.  After you enjoy, it's a quick walk down Harrison To Thayer St. to SoWa Vintage Market.

East Berkeley St: 

JJ Foley's:  The BEST Irish pub + a short walk from the Market.  Treat yourself to a little sit down time + fuel up to come shop the market!

Washington St:

Flour, voted BEST of Boston.  Yummy bakery + delish coffee

Myer's + Chang: Artisinal Chinese Food. Yum.


South End Buttery...only a few blocks away, more yummy coffee + lunch + bakery

Polka Dog Bakery Treats + supplies for your dog.  LOVE.

Fromaggio:  Artisinal cheeses, delicacies + spices.  Fabulous.

Union Park:

HUDSON:  Best of Boston purveyor of gorgeous home furnishings + gifts.  Owner/Designer, Jill Goldberg has a fabulous eye for mixing vintage + modern.  A visual treat!

Gracie Finn: Cute little gift shop next to Hudson.  (used to be Aunt Sadie's + Gracie Finn)

Tremont St:

Sault, New England: Philip Saul has a new men's haberdashery for fashion, gifts + wonderful things for the well groomed urban guy.  WANT EVERYTHING!  

Check out his cool props, many of which were sourced @ SoWa Vintage Market.  

(+ there's a great Thai place right across Tremont from Sault).

Malden St:

Urban Hound Hotel: The Best thing to happen to your dog since coming home with you.  Even if you don't have a dog, go in here, it'll make you happy.

A FEW IDEAS to get you started.  If you have not been to SoWa Vintage Market + taken the opportunity to enjoy the South End, please come + check it all out on a Sunday all year (+ First Fridays!).



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SoWa Vintage Market Open Tomorrow + Every Sunday

on Sat, 10/29/2011 - 22:53

IMPORTANT SoWa NeWs: SoWa Vintage Market WILL OPEN at 10am, as scheduled.

SoWa Open Market WILL OPEN at 12pm (Costume Contest @ 2pm as scheduled).

SoWa Vintage Market WILL remain open EVERY Sunday (except Christmas + New Years, which happen to fall on Sundays....but we've already told you that).

See you tomorrow @ SoWa...come 'n get your best zombie on.


sowa antiques
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SoWa Open Market

Exciting Hallowe'en Events @ SoWa Open Market this weekend!

on Wed, 10/26/2011 - 22:50

SoWa Open Market hosts Market of the Living Dead @ SoWa Sundays this Sunday!

Get your best zombie on + come out for THE BEST Hallowe'en costume contest in town.

Prizes, cute dogs, art, food trucks, farmers + SoWa Vintage Market.


This is Open Market's last market of the season.

SoWa Vintage Market remains OPEN EVERY Sunday. (but not Christmas and not New Years).

SoWa Winter Farmer's Market + Food Trucks coming back in November.

Thanks for the love, Boston, you guys rock!


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SoWa Open Market
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SoWa Vintage Market Open EVERY SUNDAY!

on Tue, 10/11/2011 - 15:06

SoWa Vintage OPEN EVERY SUNDAY Year Round.

460C Harrison Ave, Boston, Ma (INSIDE).

Free parking during winter months.  

Food Truck Court + Farmers + SoWa Open Market  Spring, Summer + Fall.

$5 parking in designated SoWa Lots, Spring, Summer + Fall.

Check our Facebook page for news + events!

Please "like" us on Facebook + share with your friends.

We tweet as: SoWaVintageMkt.  Please follow us.

Thanks for the love, Boston!



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Curated Corner Series @ SoWa Vintage Market starts Sunday

on Thu, 09/29/2011 - 19:34

Sunday, October 2nd, 10am-4pm 

SoWa Vintage Market welcomes Michael Valvo;

Creative Director @ Red M Studio, Boston to kick off the Designer Curated Corner Series.

Michael has created an intriguing space inside the main entrance, selecting from various vendors on display currently @ SoWa Vintage Market.

Red M Studio's vignette offers a fresh approach to incorporating antiques + vintage art + furnishings into a modern enviroment. 

A new designer + new vignette will be featured Sundays @ The Market through 2011.





Curated corner
Mike Valvo
Creative Direction

We survived the Brimfield Floods: September 2011

on Tue, 09/13/2011 - 13:14

People always ask us: where does your stuff come from?

And we tell them: everywhere we go we look for stuff.  Which is true.  You stop at every yard sale in your path.  It becomes a bit of a lifestyle that errands always have to include time for "pit stops".  It's all about the hunt.

We just returned from hunting @ everyone's favorite: The September Brimfield Antiques Show.   Very sad that the next Brimfield is May 2012.

SoWa Vintage Market  + Stephanie Pernice: vintagesteph + The Queen of Green Art: Josephine Placeweski presented collections on the New England Motel field.  Also from SoWa @ "The Motel": Painted Pretty + Dirty Birds + Tula Antiques + The Duchess D +  Barleycorn Antique Prints.  

The New England Motel field at Brimfield opens on Wednesday @ 6am + is a great source for design showroom quality decorative vintage + antique furnishings, vintage fashion, and ultra awesome pieces from all design styles.  The field is located pretty much in the center of all the Route 20 shows.  A good strategy is to shop this field well + fan out to the other fields from here.  Bonus: there is a food court (those wild green + yellow oversize umbrellas mark the food court) and covered pavillions + a fashion tent.  It's a great field.  The dealers are diverse: one can find things here all week.

And it is a week that we go to Brimfield, and a lot can happen in a week.  September was pretty much a rainy show during the week.  Thursday, it flooded, and the mission for the day was: keep all the merch on high DRY ground.  We had a bit of an ocean in front of our tent Thursday, all day.

It took a couple of days, then the sun came out, dried up all the rain. Just in time for some serious shopping + selling before leaving town to head to SoWa Vintage Market with a load of fresh finds from a great show.

Please enjoy these photos to show the diversity of the Brimfield experience + the search for stuff.

Very happy SoWa Vintage Market is INSIDE and continues until December 18th.  

Holidays: Closed December 25 + 31, 2011, Happy Holidays!

Winter + Spring 2012 OPEN Sundays.


The Hunt

We tweet as: SoWaVintageMkt + WINTER 2011/2012

on Sat, 08/20/2011 - 19:22

We are on Twitter + you can check us out!

We tweet as: SoWaVintageMkt

Please follow us on Twitter and check us out on Facebook!

We have almost 2,000 Facebook fans (oh my, thank you all so much!) and almost 300 on Twitter.

PLEASE help us grow our Twitter+ FB followings so we can let you know our fabulous news for our 

WINTER MARKETS and other special offerings.



SoWa Vintage Market

We made's A List!

on Sat, 08/20/2011 - 19:14

We made the A-List on for Best Antiques in the City!

Check out the link!  

Thank you to everyone who voted, this was a pleasant surprise.


-Stephanie + John

Co-creators, SoWa Vintage Market
SoWa Vintage Market

SoWa First Fridays OPEN Friday August 5th 5pm-9pm

on Sun, 07/31/2011 - 08:34

SoWa Vintage Market Is OPEN for First Fridays this Friday night, August 5th from 5pm-9pm.

Interior design elements + refreshments + galleries = lovely summer evening.

Come out to enjoy  a summer evening @ SoWa Vintage Market.

Parking in our lot for the evening of First Fridays $5.

We are located inside @460C Harrison Avenue, Boston.

Our GPS address to our parking lot: 365 Albany Street.

Join us  Friday night: the evening will be festive + lively.


First Fridays
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Antiquing in New England Summer

on Sun, 07/17/2011 - 11:17

It's going to be a beautiful day in New England today.  

The SoWa Vintage dealers hunt all over New England + the Eastern Seaboard (and one dealer just got back from the UK).

We can't wait to see the goods that come into the market today!

Check us out 10-4 Sundays til December 18th.

SoWa Vintage Market
SoWa Open Market